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The Vine is a local, greater NYC, paper that is often dismissed as just another "rag mag", however the smart and wise realize there's more truth within the pages of the Vine than there is fiction.

The Vine
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The Vine is a publication supported by sources who wish to remain annonymous

A Public Service Edition

      Thanks to our ability to still publish, due to having at our disposal equipment that predates electricity, we are able to bring to you this Public Service Edition.

First Responders Notice    Thanks to some industrious individuals, Police, Fire, and EMT service has not completely disappeared. Our 911 dispatchers, are now stationed at easy to find locations in all neighborhoods, backed by willing volunteers like the Pride, the Crimson Tigers, and others so that they can radio, using solar powered generators and CB radios, necessary services. So while it may look like there is no police presence the opposite is true, break ins and raiding businesses or homes will be treated as the crimes they are. We are finding ways to respond quickly, but dead vehicles and damaged roads as well as collapsed buildings do hamper attempts. No matter what if reported we WILL respond.

Power and Radiation    Last night, we lost Indian Point. Not as in it just went down, but it blew up. The hazards of prototypes, the unexpected arrival of the CME caused Indian Point to lose containment, which lead to an immediate annihilation of all antimatter. While the damage was severe and there is new river front property where Indian Point used to be, we can assure you that there is no danger of radiation poisoning. We are working at bringing up older power plants that had been shut down and thus were not affected last night but it will take time not only to bring them up but to reconnect them to the power grid and to repair the power grid. Please be patient.

Food, Water, and Sanitary services    Bottled water, and food stuffs are available for those who need it, based on needs and registered family size. Bathing and toilet facilities are being set up in neighborhoods for people to use, please be kind and share, and please do not use the water coming from your faucets if you have any water coming from your faucets, and do not use your toilets or tubs. Centralized locations for your trash are being set up, where incinerators will be used to get rid of what can be incinerated, while other types of trash will be recycled according to their nature. The incinerators will help power local hospitals where possible. As with Power, these services are being given a high priority to get them up and running again, please notify first responders if people in your home start to show signs of illness.

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