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The Vine is a local, greater NYC, paper that is often dismissed as just another "rag mag", however the smart and wise realize there's more truth within the pages of the Vine than there is fiction.

The Vine
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The Vine is a publication supported by sources who wish to remain annonymous

Crocodile... Rock?   A man found floating in the harbor near Battery Park turned out to look part crocodile, he has been taken to Crystal Medical Hospital in Hell's Kitchen for treatment and observation. Search and Rescue has been mobilized and sent out after the man managed to croak out something about others.

Rocket Men   This morning before dawn even raised its weary head two experimental shuttles, with crews, launched from a reclaimed Kennedy Space Center in Florida, headed not for some orbit around earth, or even the moon, but to the asteroid belt on a hunt for ice.
      They will be employing a new type of engine, that should provide not only faster speeds, but enough gravity in both shuttles to counter the effects of extended weightlessness. Their mission is to find asteroids of mostly ice that can be recovered and bring them back to earth where they will be mined for their water. For what reason, the authorities aren't saying.

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