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The Vine is a local, greater NYC, paper that is often dismissed as just another "rag mag", however the smart and wise realize there's more truth within the pages of the Vine than there is fiction.

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The Vine is a publication supported by sources who wish to remain annonymous

Bombing at Bronx Zoo Kills Gorilla    A heinous act of bombing animals in a zoo, resulted in one dead gorilla, one critical orangutan, and dozens of traumatized or mildly injured apes. Jo-Bo, a breeding male on loan from a recently relocated preserve, died in the bombing when he threw his child away from the strange thing thrown into the enclosure and then threw himself on the thing. Staff can explain the reason for tossing the young gorilla away, but they can't explain why he then sacrificed himself.
       Authorities are checking the security tapes and questioning security and staff outside the enclosure to see if they can identify anything suspicious and the ape enclosure will be closed until the damage is repaired and the apes have recovered.

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