Crystal Ball New York


Setting History

The Crystal Ball Initiative came down from Control on January 1, 2016. It wasn't just a, you will put together a study, but a complete directive. Start to finish, including who will be assigned to the project. This last part being the greater annoyance to those so instructed to form the study.

Those below Control were both confused and annoyed, a feasibility study focusing on the Reality Deviants? How preposterous, however the funding was quite... impressive, the people Control had picked were good but troublesome agents. So the people weren't a problem, they would be out of the way, so to speak, on what was believed to be a fool's errand.

The Crystal Ball Initiative: To quietly and covertly study a large and diverse population of Reality Deviants to see if it would be possible for the Technocratic Union to work with them on a regular basis rather than being constantly out to remove them, and conversely could the Reality Deviants willingly work with the Union. This will require those doing the study to interact with the subjects of the study, hopefully befriending and getting to know them. And sometimes working at odds with other Agents of the Union. Resultant potential disciplinary action will be handled by Control, should such action be deemed necessary by Control. (Boy did that annoy the people who thought they were in charge.) The length of the study is not fixed and will continue in what ever manner deemed necessary by Control for as long as Control deems necessary.

The named operatives to the study, and their position and area of influence are:

CEO: Kyle Blake Esq.. A young NWO mage of about 25 years of age, also a practicing licensed attorney, his focus in law is business and contract law, with a minor interest in criminal law. Kyle stands around 6'2" with entrancing blue eyes and golden blonde hair.

CFO: Kristoff Kiriakis, Esq.. A young Syndicate mage of about 25 years of age, and bearing a strong resemblance to Kyle though they share no relations, is also a practicing licensed attorney, his focus being financial and tax law, he also has an interest in criminal law. Kris stands around 6'2" with shocking ice blue eyes and raven black hair.

PR: Xander Roberts, a young NWO mage in his early to Mid twenties. Having studied Public Relations and Psychology in school it will be Xander's job to interact with the public as needed. Xander is a young man who looks like he should be the whole defensive line of the football team, standing 2 inches shy of 7 feet, and having such strength as to require him to use a custom made home gym to stay in shape. He appears to have a heart condition as there is a tint of blue to his lips.

Head of Security: Adam Walton, NWO, trained to work with the police it will be Adam's job to interact with the police or other law enforcement that may take an interest in things, at his discretion. The study is paramount.

Head of Medical Research: Dr. Leah Brahms, MD, PhD. Progenitor. She will be in charge of the medical needs of the team, as well as oversee all medical research.

IT/Head of IT and Technological Research: Nelson Barraducci, Iteration X, he takes care of the IT needs of the Study and will head any IT or Technical research.

Transportation/Head of Spatial Research: Dante Ross, Void Engineer. It will be his job to see to the transportation needs of the Study, should it go beyond what is provided, and to lead any research dealing with Spatial matters, this includes exploration into the ocean or deep into the bowels of the earth, as well as into space.

Current subjects include, but are not limited to: Petrucio Auxiliadora, a private club owner; Adrian Sokomoro, a young hacker; Christopher and Andy Forrest; Peregrine Moon; a young man who goes by Jade; Emil LaRocque, owner of a café; Alessander Darkheart, a horse farm owner on Long Island who also has a home in the city; Jericho Austin a programmer and hacker; and Alexander Orchid, VP of Software Programming at Dauntless Industries.