Crystal Ball New York

Alinar Darkheart
Race Type:
Changeling, Sidhe

To the Fae, Alinar stands a slender 6'2" With long black hair that reaches mid-back. The black hair, with it's blue highlights, frames a delicate face with milk white complexion and high cheekbones. Violet eyes gaze out from under delicate arched brows, with no more warmth than an amethyst crystal, and delicately pointed ears peek out of his hair when the hair is not tucked behind those ears. Often upon his brow can be found a ducal coronet, marking him a grand duke.

To the mortal world, Alinar is much the same, 6'2" with black hair that falls to mid-back with the same cold violet eyes. His complexion is light and his face is angular but not quite as sharply defined. If he's not dressed for riding, he dresses in casual suits, as if his fashion sense got stuck in the 80's, yet somehow the open collar of the shirts and casual appearance looks really, really good on him.


Very little is known, even among the Fae about this intimidating Sidhe. His intimidation stems from how cold he is. Many would think he should be consumed by Banality with how harsh and cold he comes across, yet he is not. He is well known for tormenting and tortuing Dreamers he gets his hands on, and he is very fond of holding Wild Hunts around New York City, letting his prey go from the Dreaming to the city and back as he hunts them down. The lucky ones die, the not so lucky get to live.

In the Fae world he is the ruthless King of Apples, in the mortal world he is a very successful breeder of prize horses both for riding and racing, and for rasing prize winning roses. If there was anything that the man gets passionate over it is the horses and the roses. Though none have figured out why.

He is believed to be of House Fiona, yet he seems to lack their passion except when it comes to the horses and roses, and maybe the torture. There is no proof of this though none in Fiona have come forward to deny that his part of their house. He is believed to be quite old, though he does not look much older than his mid-30's in either visage. There are some Seelie Sidhe who claim kinship to him, and he has two sons that are known. Alessander, who often runs the horse farm in his absence and a young man with issues and mild deformities. Otherwise Alinar is a loner , he has no significant other, and seems to not think very highly of most women.

Since early 2017 Alinar has been often seen in the company of a young man of about 15 years old, believed to be blind and in the company of a seeing eye dog.