Crystal Ball New York


Crystal Ball - (n) 1: a sphere especially of quartz crystal traditionally used by fortune-tellers. 2: a means or method of predicting future events.

So then why is it called the Crystal Ball Initiative? A good question. Why would the Technocratic Union create such a study, and why would they name it such? Two more good questions, for which there are, at this time, no answers. Perhaps eventually the one responsible will come forward and reveal the answers to all these questions. For now, we, like many members of the Union, can stand around and scratch our heads and theorize until the cows come home.

Centered in New York City, specifically the Island of Manhattan, the study known as the Crystal Ball Initiative watches over the varied supernatural communities on the island, all unknown to them, and rarely interfering with those Union members out hunting Deviants. After all, the core of Union operations is subtlety so if they can't even get close to such, then why should the Union ever consider working with them?

Perhaps you are one of the unknowing Supernaturals being studied, perhaps you are one of the agents, most considered misfits by their peers and superiors, who are watching over the Supernaturals, in either event there is much to explore and do and learn.

We can be found on the magicstar irc network in the #cbhq channel.

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